About Chavrie

Chavrie®, the first and finest American goat cheese, was introduced in 1989 in its soon-to-be-classic pyramid shape.

Since then, Chavrie® has now expanded to include three exciting ways to enjoy the fresh, creamy taste of our goat cheese: pyramids and logs.. With Chavrie®, the possibilities are endless!

The harmony between our animals, farmers, and nature imparts an exceptional purity and quality to the milk produced on our goat farms, which in turn creates unsurpassed levels of flavor and wholesome goodness in our cheeses.

Whether on a salad, cooked into your favorite recipe, or simply on a cracker, Chavrie® is a delicious and healthy choice for any occasion.

Why do Chavrie® Pyramids have flat tops?

Rumor has it Napoleon himself started the trend one evening, slicing off the top of a pyramid-shaped block of goat cheese that reminded him of his failed Egyptian War campaign. He then decreed that no cheese would ever be made in France with a pointed top again, and the chopped-top style stuck.