Indulge in Chavrie's pure creaminess—made from fresh goat’s milk.
Check out all threestyles—and spread the goodness.

The Creamy Pyramid

Deliciously mild and ultra-smooth, spruce up your cheeseboard with a classic—our unique, pyramid-shaped goat cheese.

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Fresh Logs

Slice a log. Gift a log. Hoard logs in your fridge: one in every flavor. We coat this fresh goat cheese with tangy sundried tomatoes, savory garlic and parsley, or sweet cranberries and candied orange peel. Yum!

Mouthwatering Crumbles

With Chavrie crumbles, add a hit of creamy, cheesy goodness to anything you please. Mix into soups, sprinkle over salads, or toss a handful into any recipe—a crumble of this creamy deliciousness goes a long way to making life great.