Watermelon Balsamic Bites

Watermelon Balsamic Bites make a perfect appetizer! Made with juicy watermelon, fresh Chavrie Goat Cheese, and topped with a balsamic vinegar glaze, they're the perfect way to experience delicious bites of summer.

10 mins
Chavrie Original Goat Cheese


  • 1 pkg. (4 ounce) Chavrie Goat Log
  • 1/4 each fresh watermelon
  • 1 tablespoon parsley, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar glaze, reduction
  • Cracked black pepper, to season
  • Sea Salt, to season


  1. Slice watermelon about 3/8 inch thick.
  2. Cut each slice in 1 1/2 inch squares.
  3. Season each square with salt, pepper and chopped parsley.
  4. Place a 1/4 inch slice of Chavrie Goat Log between 2 slices of seasoned watermelon.
  5. Top with a drop of balsamic glaze and more sea salt.
  6. Arrange neatly on platter and serve.